Tutoring Center

General guidelines for parents of students receiving tutoring services

  • Students are expected to fully cooperate with the tutor.
  • Students are expected to be on time for all tutoring sessions.
  • If a student becomes ill or is unable to attend a tutoring session, it is the parent/student responsibility to inform the tutor well in advance of the scheduled time of service.
  • "No-shows" will be considered a school absence.
  • If there are three "no-shows," tutoring may be terminated.
  • Students are responsible to get books from their lockers before leaving the building so they are prepared to complete assignments given to them while receiving tutoring services.
  • Transportation must be arranged by the parent. The tutor has no responsibility to transport students or remain at the site with students after the designated end of the tutoring session.

Important information regarding weather conditions

If student is scheduled for a morning tutoring session and a two-hour delay is called due to inclement weather, the parent/student must contact the tutoring center immediately to reschedule said session. Failure to do so will result in student's session being recorded as a "no-show."

In the event of a snow day, no tutoring services will be provided and the student is not required to attend any scheduled tutoring session.

Tutoring contact information

Jenniffer Kinney, Attendance Coordinator
Tutoring Center at Booth School
414 Davis Street
Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 735-3570
Fax (607) 735-3573
[email protected]