EHS School Counseling Office


Our philosophy at Elmira High School is to implement a comprehensive counseling program aimed at achieving student success. Through individual planning, counseling and classroom guidance curriculum, we help address our students' immediate and long-term needs and goals.

Program Goals

Academic: Students will acquire the academic preparation essential to choose from a variety of educational, training and employment options upon completion of secondary school.

Career development: Students will investigate the world of work in order to clarify interests and make informed career decisions.

Personal/social development: Students will acquire an understanding of and respect for self and others and the skills to be responsible citizens.

Contact Us:
Main phone: (607) 735-3212. Fax: (607) 735-3209.

Maria Hopkins

Support Staff
Robin Kingsley


Molly Duffy
students A - Col

Matthew Holmes
students Com-Hay

Michael Middaugh
students He-McN

Brian Fitzgerald
students McP-Shi

Joan Fedor
students Sho-Z

Seniors will continue with their counselor from previous years.